box hill central.

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Supplying the Vicinity Centres, Playgrounds, Food Courts and Amenities rooms nationwide, Interactivity provides each shopping centre a different solution to give a truly imaginative and vivid experience whilst being catered for the local area.

Located in Box Hill North Shopping Centre Interactivity delivered an Out of this World Solution. Even before a child enters the playground they’re attracted by the flashing LED stars cut into the perimeter fence. Alongside the stars are clouds that appear to float when child climbs them to trip a sensor that illuminates strip LED recessed underneath.

The effect is instant kiddy catnip for those passing by — there’s an irresistible attraction. Inside, the rocket is the hero. There are two sensors. One is triggered on the approach ramp, which sets a countdown sequence in motion and LED launch lights. Audio can be heard within the rocket (“10, 9, 8…” etc) and once inside the second sensor triggers the take-off sequence.

An ultra short-throw projector sits in the rocket’s nose cone to provide rear projection of friendly-looking alien activity. 3 Augmented Reality screens let the children take a photo as their favourite Space Themed Character, then they can either Pop the Asteroids, Bang the Aliens or learn about the solar system by answering questions all whilst they fly through space.

Our Interactive Kids Games Tablets are located within the Space Ship Console in the Playground or they can play their games on the Food Court Tables were children can be educated and entertained all at their fingertips all whilst eating their lunch! Be quick though they are always in use despite the amount of them!