cabrini hospital.

Cabrini Hospital

Interactivity worked directly along side Cabrini Malvern and their Paediatric Team to create a fully immersive Interactive Room for Children to escape the day and experience when in Hospital.

While children are admitted to a hospital, they miss out on many of the experiences and opportunities for play, discovery and social interactions. Their world becomes much smaller. This predominating sense of desolation and anxiety affects the overall well-being of the child. The children walk in and choose their favour Augmented Reality “escape” world to be apart of – there are over 20 available. Either flying with Dinosaurs or Dancing with Santa – all designed to keep children entertained within the Hospital Surroundings.

Simply waving their arms into the air allows a “selfie” photo to be taken, that is automatically sent to a tablet and then only parents can send those photos onto themselves for safe keeping if they so choose!