Interactive My Concierge for Stores.

User Side

Located on a convenient tablet at the entrance of your store is our own Cue Flow System called My Concierge for Stores. Customer Flow Management helps you lessen queuing time by empowering your customers with virtual and linear queuing solutions via booked appointments, kiosks or concierge, and enabling direct communication methods like SMS messaging. For your business, it will bring improvements in staff productivity, up to the minutes real-time management reporting and improved customer satisfaction surveys.

Controlling the customer flow to support staff serving customers in any environment. We will create a solution to be modular, and add features as your situation evolves. It has a configurable interface, with a multilevel menu, that can be multilingual that provides SMS notifications to your clients.

Company Side

Calling Display consists of small integrated multimedia display on each staff members desk; all of which are fully configurable and customisable. Our tablet display comes in several settings to suit your business environment ensuring that not a single customer is missed; our integrated multimedia display runs in a playlist fashion, showing every type of Digital TV multimedia imaginable. So your staff become

INFORMED – use messages or multimedia for a stronger business image and presence in your site. Inform your customers of upcoming events and recent news from head office.

ALERTED – Ticket numbers that have been called out and currently being called out, are displayed neatly on either the left/right side of the screen.