people counting.

People Counting
People Counting

Interactivity was chosen to roll out to Medibank Stores nationwide the new People Counting solution in each and every store.

Monitoring customer traffic provides critical management information which can be used to evaluate the success of national and local advertising campaigns, the conversion rate of sales from customer visits (staff selling ability) and provide an accurate basis for rostering staff based on historical customer traffic during each day and time of day statistics.

Using the Interactivity People Counting system you can monitor your business remotely with real-time store visitor counting, literally as customers walk in at the click of a button!

The Interactivity counting and analytical system can count specific categories of customers while providing real-time counts and analytics . Our counters can be configured to deliver accurate metrics on the following categories:

  • All shoppers
  • Adult only counting
  • Child and Adult separate counts
  • Family / Shopping Group counting

Using a range of cutting-edge counting sensors which are located at store entry /exits. These are tuned remotely during installation to a high level of accuracy, typically in excess of 98%, to count the required shopper types and to send the raw data directly over the internet to our cloud-based servers.

The mix of sensors used is determined by the level of information required and the location of the sensor in the store. Stores with multiple entries or wide entrances may have several sensors to provide full coverage.

The Interactivity cloud hosted reporting interface can be accessed via any device with an internet connection to create reports in graphical and tabulated formats showing the customer traffic with selectable granularity. Multiple user sub accounts can be created, with customizable permissions (at no additional cost) to allow staff to access the data for their store.

Business Optimization through Precise Counting Analysis and Accurate real-time bi-directional people counting data

  • Estimate in-store traffic
  • Analysis conversion rate
  • Enhance staff management
  • Analysis customers flow path
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of promotions and marketing events
  • Improvement store layout