st collins lane.

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Interactivity has been navigating again with JLL during the rebuild of St Collins Lane. Requiring something unique, beyond Wayfinding, the solution had to allow them to manage the digital content across multiple devices. Attracting attention when not in use, the Wayfinding moves into a digital presentation with the ability to play video, animation, images, messages in a highly visual and attractive format. Further visual messaging is visible while in use whilst not interfering with the functionality of the kiosk.

Interactivity provided 8 Interactive Wayfinders for the centre so shoppers can never get lost again!

Supplying yet again, the software, foils, screens and PC’s throughout the shopping centre, we developed a total solution that manages all of the devices and content on one platform, allowing marketing to change their digital media content, messaging, and directions in one place via a web-based content management system.

Our Wayfinding solution branded specifically designed for St Collins Lane includes Multi-lingual translations allowing visitors to quickly and effectively find what they’re looking for through the intuitive touch-screen interface.