st vincent de paul

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Interactivity was commissioned to create an interactive timeline detailing the history of St Vincent’s Private Hospital Sydney as a permanent installation in the foyer of the new East Wing,  the installation was to contain a variety of content delivered in various ways to tell the story of St Vincent’s Private Hospital Sydney – past, present and future.

Part exhibition, part digital experience, the multimedia installation combines interactive touchscreens, original video content, push-button audio, illuminated images and large-format environmental graphics to inform and engage patients, visitors and staff in the new waiting area.

To offer true accessibility in a hospital environment, the interactive touchscreen sequences also include a drop-down menu feature for those in a wheelchair.

Over eight metres in length, the interactive timeline is presented in a linear format, from its early origins with Mary Aikenhead in Ireland in 1815, Tarmons – the site of the first St Vincent’s Hospital in Potts Point in 1857, the new private hospital in 1909 and the new East Wing development, culminating in the future of medicine through research and technology.

The wall also showcases 13 plexiglass, pin-fixed images, four of which illuminate at the touch of a button with a corresponding audio narrative.

Two 55” digital touchscreens present a range of interactive content, including topics such as The Women of St Vincent’s Private, Famous Patients (including Elton John, Dame Nellie Melba and Kerry Packer), Working at St Vincent’s Private Hospital and Medical Breakthroughs. The spirit of this world-class institution is also captured in Mission, Values and Charism and The Patient Care Experience.

The interactive content contains over 30 individual interviews with specialist doctors, nurses, staff and volunteers to present an in-depth and interesting cross section of the St Vincent’s Private community – a dedication to excellence and providing outstanding patient care was common thread between all of those we spoke to.